Checklist Of Documents Required For Home Loan?

Checklist Of Documents Required For Home Loan?

Prior to the Home Loan Application. There are checklist of documents that are required be prepared and should be available on request during visit to the Mortgage Brokers. Following are the required documents to be provided.

Personal Identification

  • Australian Passport of all Applicants or Documents that show current Visa Status
  • Driving License if available

Current employment verification

  • All Applicants recent two payslips

Recent group certificates for all applicants (if possible)

  • Required Group certificates if possible but not mandatory.

Bank statements for last 3 months with current balance

  • Required bank statement papers of last 3 months showing the current liable balance.

Bank statements showing salary credits

  • Required bank statements that includes the salary credits

Home Loan statements if you have existing mortgage

  • Required Existing Home Loan statements if any present.

Recent credit card, car loans, personal loans statements if you have any

  • Required loans statements if any credit card, personal loan and car loan present

Employment letter – if the job started recently

  • Employment letter of the recently started job if you have any.

Maternity Leave Letter – if on maternity leave 

  • If there is maternity leave while on Job, then the leave letter is needed.

Above are the checklist of documents that are required for Home Loan Application. You can visit or mail us at to short out all this hectic task. We will do it for you.

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