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Active mortgage & finance, one of the best trustworthy  Local Nepali mortgage company which supports Domestic as well as overseas Australian permanent residence to pursue your luxury life providing the secure service of home loan, Construction loan, Business loan and Reverse loan along with Refinancing service as per your desire. We are located in Ashfield, Sydney.

Are you in the market to buy your dream house? Don’t want to get boggled down with paperworks or spend hours on going through countless banks and interest rates?If you are looking for a hassle free way to secure your home loan, then think no more and let us be your helping hand. Leave everything to us and see your dream become reality. Active Mortgage is just the perfect broker to secure your first home loan catering your current and future needs.

“Think home loan, think Active Mortgage, a name you can trust”

Active Mortgage & Finance:
Active Mortgage & Finance


You have secured your dream house and living in happily ever after, but wished that your home loan could be much more flexible and meet your immediate needs and demands. Well, there is an option to refinance your existing home loan. 

   The advantage of refinancing is that you do not have to stick to your current lender. If some other lenders are offering attractive rates and products, you have the option to refinance your existing loan with that lender. Whether you decide to stay with your current provider or new provider refinancing gives you the option to lower your monthly mortgage payment and also to whether increase or decrease your loan terms as per your financial situation. Another great benefit of refinancing is you can cash out the equity built up on your house.


Our services are not just limited to home loans but extended to car loans as well. Buying your first car opens up your door to independence. But buying a car outright can be very unaffordable for a lot of people. Hence, getting a car loan is the best alternative. But with so many car loan dealers around, securing your first car can be a very overwhelming process.

   We help you know your credit score, compare and evaluate the rates the banks are offering, let you know how much down payment is required and all the hidden costs and repayments. Your first brand new car is just a call away.

Active Mortgage & Finance
Active Mortgage & Finance:


Life is very unpredictable and full of surprises. Some surprises can be very costly and might bring you down to knees. With increasing cost of life and amounts of bills piling up, it can be quite challenging to stay on top up things.  

   Let none of these financial worries come in the way of your happiness and well being , so grab yourself a personal loan. Whatever your reason or situation is , we will help you secure you a personal loan at the best possible interest rate and repayments and make your life easier and simpler.


We will try to know more about your Income, Expenses, Liabilities and property that you are looking for and many more.

We will structure your loan .

We will apply your loan once everything finalises and wait for pre-approval normally will take maximum a week depends on bank

active mortgage & finance

We will guide and assist you throughout till you find the property. Once finalise a property that you are looking for and agreed on prices with vendors then we suggest signing the contract

active mortgage & finance

After signing the contract, we order the valuation, Solicitor/Conveyancer will go through contract, do pest and building inspection, at the meantime we submit your loan for formal approval. It will take maximum a week to get the formal approval again depend on banks

Active mortgage & finance

Bank will prepare loan documents and send to us. We will then call you for documents signing purposes

active mortgage & finance

Once loan documents get signed then will send back to the bank..

Active mortgage & finance

Once bank received loan documents, they will verify the loan documents and book for settlement if everything goes well. Both parties’ solicitors & Bank will act on it.


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“Lekh Dai is one of the most experienced person in his sector. His extensive knowledge is really appreciable.”

Sujit Gurung

“Most honest and reliable mortgage broker firm in the town. One name and person whom you can totally trust even with your eyes closed.

Amrit Gurung

"Lekh Dai is one of the best knowledgeable person from Active Mortgage and Finance. I would personally recommend Lekh Gurung Dai for the Home, and Car loan. I am grateful for his welcoming, helpful, friendly and outstanding service for his clients. Really appreciate Lekh Dai for your great effort and help you did for us. All the best Dai �����and will use your service again. Thank you � once again Lekh Gurung Dai."


“Lekha is a heaven sent for us. He exactly knows what to do with any case (complicated or not) and he has this genuine interest to help his clients. He's very professional and and top of his game. My family and I are very thankful to him for doing everything he can to help us get our home loan approval. He really is the best.”

Sueda Saturno

CEO ,Senior Mortgage Broker

Lekha Gurung

Lekha Gurung is an experienced  mortgage broker from Sydney who experts in assisting first home buyers,  property investors , refinancing etc. He has settled more than 300 loans till now . Our Services include : First Home Buyers loan, Investment Loan, Refinancing ,Personal Loan , Business Loan,Reverse Mortgage, Credit Default Loan, Low Docs Loan, Assist in property research and Insurance referral arrangement.

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